Advanced technology that enables people to experience
real-like experiences in a virtual world of artificially created environment

체험형 가상현실

4D 안전교육 체험 시뮬레이션 머리글

4D Experiential Simulator for Safety Education

Experiential 4D VR Simulation for prevention of industrial accident and acquisition of countermeasures by experiencing actual accident with 4D simulation

4D 안전교육 체험 시뮬레이션 키워드, 설명


- Experience accident that can happen in actual industrial field

  • - Feeling of falling object striking your head
  • - Frail railing experience
  • - Experiences such as falling from high altitude

- 3D modeling contents similar to actual envrionment

4D Content

- Representation of the situation similar to industrial field(scaffolding, safety railing, sound effects, wind, etc…)

4D 안전교육 체험 시뮬레이션/스펙


Provide a sense of immersion that seems to be in the actual scene by reproducing industrial sites such as safety rails, footsteps, structures and vivid background sound in perfect 4D

  • 4*3*1.4(m)

  • 300 Kg

  • 1 Person

    (HMD, Controller)

  • Monitor(For Observer)
    HMD(For User)

  • Audio(For Observer)
    Earphone(For User)

  • 220v

  • Only for 16 years of age or over

4D 안전교육 체험 적용 사례

Application Examples

Exhibited at the Korea International Safety & Health Show 2017

4D 실사 스포츠 시뮬레이션 머리글

Real-image applied 4D sports simulation

Extreme sports you can enjoy with your body in virtual world! Dynamic sports simulation with real 360-degree image, GPS data, and hardware!

4D 실사 스포츠 시뮬레이션 키워드, 설명

Interactive System

- Provide high quality simulation through interaction between sports equipment and simulation

4K VR Contents

- Provide realistic experience with high-resolution real-image VR content

4D 실사 스포츠 시뮬레이션/스펙


The immersive feeling of being in the actual place like a ski resort or an island! Simulation technology is applied by linking real-image and GPS data with VR HMD and hardware

  • Equipped interactive system that interworks with 360-degree VR contents
  • Slip turn function like real driving
  • System in which the user directly changes direction and speed according to the terrain

교육훈련용 가상현실

교육훈련 운용 시뮬레이션 머리글

Educational Simulator for Operational Training

Simulation that maximizes the learning efficiency by providing a realistic environment to the educator and enhances the operational ability of the equipments by operating the highly valuable equipments via simulator

교육훈련 운용 시뮬레이션 예시 그림, 주요기능

  • Medium Range Surface-to-Air Missile
  • Medium Range Surface-to-Air Missile
  • Medium Range Surface-to-Air Missile
  • Medium Range Surface-to-Air Missile

교육훈련 운용 시뮬레이션/스펙

Main FunctionMain Function

  • · Simulation that allows the operator to master the understanding of the operating principles of the weapon system
  • · Master the operation procedure in the 3D VR environment by simulating actual equipment functions
  • · The same environment as the actual control panel and the same conditions as the actual situation
  • · Evaluation / test function for mastery confirmation of operation procedure and principle understanding of operator

교육훈련 정비 시뮬레이션 머리글


Provide a sense of immersion that seems to operate the equipment in the actual field by reproducing actual equipments with 4D VR

교육훈련 정비 시뮬레이션 예시 그림, 주요기능

  • Simulates the same functions as real equipment

    - Simulation of equipment status according to failure situation

    - Simulation of response according to users operation of equipment

  • Provide maintenance environment similar to actual environment

    - Perform maintenance using various instruments and hand tools

    - Provide first-person view of the user

  • Applied full touch screen method

    - 360 degree screen, all-round experience

    - Support touch-interactive

  • Provide educational environment controlled by instructor

    - provide screen for instructor control and support management function

    - Provide instructor with user's view of screen

  • Experience the interface with a feeling similar to the actual interface using Leap Motion

    - Touch interface similar to actual operation

    - Support diverse motions

  • Provide feeling of training in the field with Oculus

    - Background just like an actual field

    - Realistic background sound effects

교육훈련 정비 시뮬레이션/스펙

Educative maintenance training simulation

Simulation that enhances the effectiveness of the training for operational maintenance and trouble shooting of the weapon system by providing users with a realistic environment

  • Medium Range Surface-to-Air Missile
  • Medium Range Surface-to-Air Missile
  • Medium Range Surface-to-Air Missile
  • Medium Range Surface-to-Air Missile

Main FunctionMain Function

  • · Provide realistic maintenance experience to users by implementing maintenance procedure for actual equipment
  • · Available to experience actual equipments by providing users with elaborate 3D modelling of attachments and parts
  • · Evaluation / test function for mastery confirmation of maintenance procedure and principle understanding of educator

Provide a sense of immersion that seems to maintenance the equipment in the actual field by reproducing actual equipments with 4D VR

  • Experience various coping methods by providing simulated situations

    - Simulation of equipment status according to operation and maintenance condition

  • Multi-View Point

    - Supports various user point views

  • Support multilingual and TTS voice description

    - Support Korean, English and Chinese

  • Optimized 3D Contents

    - Supports option control to support operation of low specification

  • Interwork Mock-Up and VR Equipments

    - Support interworking of equipment such as Oculus and Lip motion

  • Multiple Simultaneous Experience Available

    - Each can simultaneously experience various missions

360도 전방향 가상훈련 시스템(Non-HMD)

360도 전 방향 가상훈련시스템 머리글

360˚ Omni-directional
Virtual Training System (Non-HMD)

Experiential virtual reality system which, unlike to an ordinary VR experience using a HMD, VR experience is provided through a large-sized screen by grasping and analyzing a user's motion with a large screen and an omni-directional sensor

360도 전 방향 가상훈련시스템 키워드, 설명

Learn more about Precise Posture Recognition Technique
Learn more about Precise Posture Recognition Technique
Precise Posture Recognition Technique Learn more about Precise Posture Recognition Technique
  • Skeleton tracking technology
  • Firearm Posture Recognition

- Multiple motion sensor based skeleton tracking technology(17 sensors on whole body or 7 sensors on lower body)

- 360˚ omni-directional firearm position recognition technique based on fusion of skeleton and motion sensor

Learn more about postuer tracking technology
Postuer tracking technology Postuer tracking technology
  • Omni-directional posture tracking
  • Within 15cm of accuracy
  • Recognition/Tracking Firearm

- Track posture of trainee in all directions (360˚) by fusing multiple-depth sensors

- Accuracy of trainne's posture tracking(RMSE) is within 15cm

- IR marker-based automatic calibration and weapon recognition/tracking available

Learn more about behavior recognition technology
Postuer tracking technology Postuer tracking technology
  • Learn Behavior pattern
  • Complex behavior classifier
  • Real-Time Recognition

- Learn behavioral pattern using position and posture information of each joint extracted from sensor

- Supports multiple classifiers that are efficient for trainee's complex behavior(walking and motion) recognition

- Real-time recognition of various tactical behaviors(over 60) appearing during actual training

Learn more about user location recognition technology
User location awareness technology User location awareness technology
  • Recognize travel distance
  • Travel distance and speed

- Technology for recognizing the position and travel distance of the trainee walking on the omni-directional moving device

- Track the movement trajectories of both feet extracted from the skeleton to calculate the actual travel distance and speed


360도 전 방향 가상훈련시스템 기술 활용 분야

Fields of technological application

360˚ omni-directional virtual training system can be applied to diverse industries


Virtual Training

Special warfare, fire training,
Disaster and catastrophe correspondance training


Next generation games

Experiential FPS Game,
Motion Recognition Game


Virtual Tour system

Promote Sightseeing Spots,
Experiential Virtual Tour


Rehabilitation system for Hospital

Experiential Virtual
Rehabilitation System


Sports Simulator

Experiential Virtual
Sports Multiplaying Game

교육용 증강현실

교육용 증강현실 머리글

Educational Augmented Reality

Educational augmented reality provides realistic experience to users by fusing virtual information based on reality and provides users with variety of information in a three-dimensional manner

교육용 증강현실 키워드, 설명

Safe Driving Precautions

There is a pop-up window if you click the blinking button

Safe Driving Precautions button

Provide learning information through 3D stereoscoping image

Safe Driving Precautions button

Increase user realism, Intuitive understanding is possible

Safe Driving Precautions button

Improve user's in-depth understanding, analysis, synthesis and application ability

교육용 증강현실 주요기능

Main Function

Provide authentic AR experiences with following functions

  • High Technology Smart application based on 3D object recognition and tracking and matching technique
  • User-Friendly UX Interface that user can easily use
  • Adaptability Platform structure that can respond quickly and easily to various field

교육용 증강현실 적용 사례

Application Examples

Various examples of using AIITONE educational AR technology

Tower crane